Use These 5 Pro Tips to Find Flexible Work as a Milspouse

June 26, 2018 - 11:00pm

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Have you noticed that there are a lot of military spouses working from home? If so, you’ve probably wondered how they found their job. Whether you’re looking for a position that allows for work-life balance through adaptable hours or consistency in a full-time role, flexible work gives you the opportunity to have an active career wherever (and whenever!) the military sends you. So, what type of work is available and where do you fit it?

Brie Weiler Reynolds, Senior Career Specialist at FlexJobs, recently joined us for a Blue Star Families Networks Live! On Demand webinar where she shared everything – and we mean EV.ERY.THING – you must know to find a flexible job.

But, wait. What is a flexible job?

“A flexible job is anything outside the traditional 9-5 in-office structure,” said Weiler in her interview. “Think flexibility in scheduling, location, status, and hours.”

Sweet! Now, how do I find work like that?

In Weiler’s presentation, she provides a variety of ways to find flexible job listings like online job boards, professional associations, and word-of-mouth. She recommends FlexJobs as a great place to start because they are a subscription-based website helping people find remote, freelance, and portable jobs. All of their postings are vetted and professional-level positions.

As a career specialist, Reynolds sees hundreds of job postings daily and works directly with job seekers, so she knows first-hand what works and what doesn’t. In her video, she provides five pro tips you can follow to find flexible employment (specifically with military spouses in mind).

  1.    Trends in the flexible job market
  2.    The top career fields in the remote and flexible job market
  3.    How to pinpoint companies that offer portable jobs
  4.    Resume and cover letter tips, with specific tips for Military Spouses
  5.    How to steer clear of work-from-home job scams

Totally interested. Now what?!

Watch Weiler’s video in full. This training is worth your time… especially, if you’re a milspouse looking for a portable career. Weiler breaks down everything you need to know in detail and even provides you with seven actionable steps to get started right away. Don’t wait – watch it now!  

By Michele Bradfield  

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